Soup Night in the Daylight: 1 Year Anniversary

This month we hope soup can be a space to gather in community, love, rage, grief and more. As we bear witness to and take action against the ongoing genocide in Palestine, imperialist violence across the globe, rising fascism and the seemingly endless list of threats to life & community— we gather soup to build relationships and shared practices of resistance. We will be holding a mini skill share and dialogues around Direct Action with an eye towards risk, agency, effectiveness and impact. We would love to hear what questions you have that can help guide this portion of Saturday— drop your questions & topics of interest (anonymously & securely) in this cryptform: We hope this part of the afternoon can be pop ed style collective knowledge building so please bring your knowledge & insights as well as your questions ❤️‍🔥 We hope to have spacious time to connect and be together sharing food and around the fire, AND have some art making activities for people to spend time with. We will have: 🌟 Banner making 🌟 Stencils for poster making/other creative decorations 🌟 Handmade block prints that can be put on fabric scraps/patches/paper/shirts/etc 🌟 Little demos for how to use art creatively throughout! Please bring things to print on and art supplies you would want to share! As always, bring a bowl and spoon, chair if you’d like one, wood for the bonfire, your questions, your crew, your family, your zines and lit. All are welcome ✨