VFAbundance Kickoff

Join us for a virtual kickoff event hosted by VFAbundance, a collective committed to fostering radical and lasting change in our communities and industries. Discover a welcoming space where both newcomers and seasoned individuals can come together to explore new ways of relating, learning, and taking action. Immerse yourself in the empowering principles of solidarity, horizontalism, and grassroots direct action. During the event, we will engage in an interactive session where we co-design projects, provide meaningful context about VFAbundance, and discuss various opportunities for involvement in sustainable, egalitarian, and self-determined change-making. Regardless of your background or familiarity with the topics, we value and embrace everyone's experiences, aiming to create an inclusive environment where we use difference as power. If you've been seeking ways to get plugged in and involved, this event is an excellent starting point. We can't wait to meet you on November 15th at 6pm Central | 7pm Eastern. Get ready to embark on an inspiring journey with us, and share this with other interested folks! Sign up link: https://lu.ma/re6wwciv