Weelaunee Worldwide Mass Action Speaking Tour

Come on out for the Chicago leg of the Weelaunee Worldwide Mass Action Speaking Tour! Folks will be visiting over 70 cities around the continent in an expansive speaking tour, with the goal of preparing hundreds of affinity groups for the action. The tour will provide updates from ground zero, share strategic intelligence on the pivot towards mass action and invite folks to travel to Atlanta in November to #BlockCopCity. Each presentation will contain a portion on the history of the land the city is attempting to build Cop City on, a history of the movement to Stop Cop City, an outline of the movement's next phase Block Cop City, and a short workshop to help interested participants form affinity groups and plan next steps. There will also be a Q+A portion. Masks Required except for eating and drinking. Space accessibility: Co-Prosperity is accessible by wheelchair. The gallery has two 5-inch steps that go into the building. One is from the sidewalk leading up to the front door, and the second is 5ft past the front door. We have two temporary ramps that are put out for events, and can be used for wheelchair access. Our bar and restrooms are ADA compliant.