Soup Night in the Daylight

Soup night at Tierra y Paz Farm! 🍲🌻🌱 ☀️ As the ground and air warm up, we're soooo excited and grateful to hold June Soup Night (in the daylight) at Tierra y Paz, located in a shared farming space @starfarmchicago in Back of the Yards (5136 S Laflin). There will be a farm work party from 2-4, followed by sharing food, ideas, questions & convos around farming, food sovereignty and more!  We are convening soup night to build spaces to consistently come together and cross pollinate ideas, build stronger networks across crews, groups and campaigns, and slow down and tend to the very center of our work: our relationships with one another. Soup aims to be a monthly practice with a couple guarantees: soups, fire in the cold times, and loose structure to connect around shared values, the justice & movement work we do, and what is going on in our communities right now. We invite you to bring whatever excites you to soup! Your questions! Your zines! Seeds and seedlings! Your announcements, your crew, your family. We hope overtime soup can evolve and change shape as we build this practice in collaborative ways. Please bring your own soup bowl and spoon if you can! We will have some to share.