Cop City Will Never Be Built: History and Lessons from the Struggle

For years now, Atlantans have waged a heroic struggle to stop the construction of Cop City, a $90+ million facility for training cops in military tactics and surveillance to be built on a bulldozed Weelaunee Forest. An urban forest with a long history, Weelaunee has often been entangled in the history of colonialism and enslavement on Turtle Island. Moreover, its role in combatting climate disaster also makes it a crucial part of Atlanta’s future. Known for its creativity and courage, the movement to defend Weelaunee Forest has inspired actions and solidarity efforts across the world. In declaring that Cop City Will Never Be Built, organizers have pushed back against not only one facility, but against the whole vision cop city attempts to impose on our world: racism, surveillance, police violence, and harm to the natural environment. Join two Chicago-based organizers who have been active in the movement to Stop Cop City to discuss the history of the struggle, what’s at stake in this fight, and lessons for stopping the construction of cop cities nationwide.