Poets for Palestine

Exhibit B, in collaboration with the Guild Literary Complex, is throwing a special event to benefit the Palestine Children's Relief Fund. This event will feature readings from some of Chicago's most talented writers. We will also be selling books that artists have donated to the cause. Light refreshments will also be available. The funds raised through book sales and refreshments, along with ticket sales will all go to the Palestinian Children's Relief Fund. This event will feature performances from Palestinian artists and allies: Sahar Mustafah, George Abraham, Ronnie Malley, Faylita Hicks, Rabha Ashry, Faisal Mohyuddin, L Goldstein, and Ignatius Valentine Aloysius. In addition to selling tickets to raise funds, we will also be offering a cash bar and selling books donated from Chicago artists; proceeds benefiting the PCRF. See info on purchasing tickets or presenting proof of donation: https://www.exhibitb312.com/event-details/poets-for-palestine