Trans Self-Defense Training

Hello everyone! We hope you are doing okay, or as okay as you can be in these hard times. Some good news: for a long time, we have been without a space to use consistently for physical self defense training, which in tandem with other factors unfortunately meant that this past Autumn & Winter, physical self-defense training has been on a hold (hence the temporary pivot to skillshare workshops i.e. self-defense rights labor rights, digital security, stuff that can be done indoors with minimal gear/equipment). HOWEVER- This past month we have been collaborating with our new friends at Han Training to see how we might make use of their space for regular trans physical self-defense training. And that relationship has borne fruit! Starting Saturday March 16th, we will be holding dedicated trans self-defense instruction at Han Training (743 W Irving Park Rd.), twice a month! The first session of each month is intended for the learning of new skills, and the second is intended to drill them. The 2nd session for March is scheduled for Saturday March 30th, again at 2:30 (allowing some time for folks to come in by 3:00). This upcoming session will have an emphasis on self-defense skills for crowd safety, among other things. We would love for folks to join us in community to learn some practical self-defense skills! And we hope you are finding ways to join in community with others to process the grief we all are feeling, not only concerning the ongoing genocides in Palestine, Congo, & Sudan, but also the ongoing issues of MMIR and transmisic violence, most recently exemplified in the murder of Nex Benedict, a 16-year old Non-Binary Choctaw sibling. We need each other more than ever, and we have so much to do, and so many to carry with us. "Only that historian will have the gift of fanning the spark of hope in the past who is firmly convinced that even the dead will not be safe from the enemy if he wins. And this enemy has not ceased to be victorious." Peace to the villages, war to the palaces, Mourne and avenge stolen relatives, From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free, Transgender Action Self-Defense Collective (TASC)